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Angeles Hospital Reviews, Ratings

Angeles Hospital is a major hospital network in Mexico representing 22 hospitals in Mexico. Angeles Hospital is also a leader in Medical Tourism, providing these services: Stem Cell Therapy, Weight Loss Surgery, CCSVI Treatment.


Medical Tourism Co Reviews, Ratings

Medical Tourism Co., LLC, is a major medical tourism company facilitating in Mexico and other locations. Medical Tourism company offers, most notably, weight loss surgery, cosmetic/plastic surgery and dental surgery.


Mexico Bariatric Center Reviews, Ratings

Mexico Bariatric Center is a Mexico Medical Tourism provider. Mexico Bariatric Center is leading the medical tourism company which offers webinars, seminars and free aftercare support (post-surgery). Mexico Bariatric Center is ...


DrJoya Reviews, Ratings

DrJoya.com is the website of Dr. Armando Joya, a Mexico weight loss surgeon practicing lap-band, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.


EndoBariatric Reviews, Rating

EndoBariatric is the brand name of surgeon Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, a medical tourism provider. Endobariatric only performs Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Plication surgery.


Obesity Control Center Reviews, Ratings

Obesity Control Center is one of the most famous companies offering Lap-Band surgery in Mexico. Obesity Control Center primary surgeon is Dr. Ariel Ortiz, a surgeon who has been on major medial outlets.


aLighterMe Reviews, Ratings

aLighterMe.com is a medical tourism facilitator offering bariatric, plastic and dental procedures. aLighterMe is known on forums such as ObesityHelp.com, offering Mexico bariatric surgery. The founder of A Lighter Me (ALM) Sand...


Ready4aChange Reviews, Ratings

Ready4aChange is a healthcare facilitator offering cosmetic and bariatric surgery. The company operates a website that shows many success stories, but many are from surgeons who they’re no longer representing. Many custom...